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How to Safely Travel with Jewelry

How to Safely Travel with Jewelry

After a few long years of the pandemic, now may be the best time for you to start arranging your travel plans and get your much-needed vacation. More borders are opening up and you have the opportunity to visit cities on your bucket list. Of course, while you are planning your trip, don’t forget your essentials like your mask, hand sanitizer, passport, important documents, and your favorite jewelry.

Yes! You can definitely travel with your jewelry. Most people tend to leave their jewelry at home when they're going away for a trip for fear of losing them or misplacing them. However, everyone needs some sparkle in their lives, especially those who love carrying jewelry full of sentimental value. In this blog, we’ll discuss some tips to help you travel safely with your jewelry.

1. Document your jewelry.

If you are bringing priceless jewelry, you should do an inventory on them before leaving your house. This would come in handy if you ever lose them or get them stolen. Police would need proof of ownership for their police reports. Moreover, you could look back at your inventory before you go back home to make sure that all your belongings are with you. Similarly, even if you aren’t traveling, it is smart to have a personal jewelry inventory on hand at home.

2. Pack jewelry properly.

In traveling with your jewelry, you need to pack them safely, too. It’s not enough to throw them all in one pouch and keep them on your carry-on because this might make it easier to misplace them. Instead, have a dedicated jewelry box or roll-up jewelry pouch where your jewelry won’t scratch each other. This way, you can have them all safely in one place.

It is also important to note that when packing your jewelry, it is better to keep them in your carry-on bag and close to your person at all times. Keeping them in your checked luggage might be a good decision since luggage can be easily lost or opened by various personnel. 

3. Know when you should remove them.

Have you arrived at your destination? It’s probably time to enjoy and relax in your hot tub, or maybe have a fun time out on the beach. In this case, you should remove your jewelry. When you are out and about, there are times when you really need to remove your jewelry. And this isn’t just so that you won’t misplace them during an activity, but also to prevent them from being damaged by the elements. 

4. Secure your jewelry when you need to leave them.

When you need to leave your jewelry in your hotel room, you shouldn’t have them laying out. To keep your priceless items safe, you can keep them in your hotel room safe. If there isn’t one available in your room, you can ask your hotel for a safe you can use to temporarily keep your important belongings.  

5. Have them appraised and insured.

Most importantly, it is a great practice to have your jewelry appraised and insured. And if you do have them, you should check if your insurance plan covers worldwide travel. You can also check travel insurance that covers your jewelry. Whatever insurance you have, you have to know what your policy covers and what limitations you have so that you can have peace of mind when you wear your jewelry. 

Enjoying Your Trip With Your Jewelry 

Vacationing is always fun, especially when you can dress up with your favorite jewelry pieces. With good planning and preparation, this could be done stress-free. So if you are now deciding to travel with your jewelry, fret not because there are ways you can bring them with you without worrying about the safety of your priceless pieces. 

“These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of.” ~ George Eliot